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carpet cleaning service in Irvine Carpet Cleaning Service in Irvine is not easy to locate.

Many of your, especially the students, do not book carpet cleaning weeks ahead. Years back it was customary to schedule a carpet cleaning service a couple of weeks ahead. However, the new generation is known for its speed. Everything is moving fast and quickly becomes obsolete. Therefore, we combine the two most important factor when searching for a carpet cleaning service in Irvine. We are known for:

We have a dedicated carpet cleaning team for all carpet cleaning service in Irvine needs. Dr. Carpet Irvine has been serving carpet cleaning solutions to Irvine residents for over 10 years. Our top rated services that we are known for are:

And many more services available to you on same day notice. In addition, we believe it is very important to know what we offer and how exactly it helps and serves your needs.

Our carpet cleaning service in Irvine.

First, lets get a deeper understanding of our carpet and how it gets dirty. We can find a variety of carpets to install in our home. Moreover, you can find a basic carpet that is thin, to a thick and expensive carpet that would last for many years. In addition, typically you will find your carpet placed on top of an insulating layer, a sponge like pad. Therefore, many of your stains around the house already sunk to the pad. Once a stain penetrated the pad, it is much more difficult to remove. Whether you have food and drink spills, or it could be the pet accidents you get from the new puppy.

We offer the best carpet cleaning method and solvents to reach deep down and remove those stains. Our carpet cleaning service in Irvine is using high grade carpet cleaning solvents. In addition, we agitate the troubled areas and use powerful machines to steam and extract the residue. Therefore, our carpet cleaning service in Irvine is not a cleaning for the surface. We clean your carpet thoroughly, which means your carpet will stay clean and fresh for much longer. Customer service is our number one priority when it comes to your satisfaction with our services.

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