UCI Carpet Cleaning Service

UCI carpet cleaning service for students, faculty and staff.

We are a branch of the leading carpet cleaning company in Orange County, Dr. Carpet. It has been years of very day carpet cleaning services around Irvine. We ourselves reside in Irvine and serve UCI campus for carpet cleaning services for years. We understand the urgent need sometimes for a same day carpet cleaning service. Many of you have pets, and many others throw great parties at their homes. Therefore, Same day Irvine carpet cleaning service is a must. Moreover, we are serving Irvine and the local community every day, so it is possible to serve you ASAP. UCI carpet cleaning is a service at high demand. With thousands of students and apartments on and off campus, there is a constant stream of work. Therefore, we want to make it easier for you to keep your carpets cleaned.

UCI carpet cleaning service in details.

Some of the most occurring carpet cleaning needs by UCI carpet cleaning service requests are repeating themselves. It only makes sense that in a similar environment the needs will also be similar. We can will give you here a few of out top reoccurring UCI carpet cleaning service requests for you to learn from and better prepare.

UCI carpet cleaning for heavy foot traffic.

The prices you are paying for rent is only increasing. Therefore, many of you find the need to share a room between 2 and sometimes 3 students. Therefore, an apartment with a capacity of 2-3 adults, may as well hold 6-8 adults on daily basis. That means that your carpet is getting beaten down. The only solutions you have really is to contact a professional UCI carpet cleaning provider to help you with maintenance of your carpet. Maybe there is a chance for you to win your deposit back.

UCI carpet cleaning for pet stains.

The phenomenon of students with pets is only growing. You are far away from home, and what could be nicer than a loving puppy? Well, you should keep in mind that leaving a puppy at home without supervision will only lead to problems. Aside of tearing down the place, the puppy will have to find a place to pee. Normally, when a puppy starts to go in a certain area, it will keep going at it. That will make your home smell from bad odors. Therefore, you must contact a professional pet stain removal carpet cleaner to help yo eliminate odors and bacteria.

UCI carpet cleaning for parties.

We encourage all of you to keep enjoying your college life as much as you can. However, when it comes to keep your apartment clean, please be careful. Having friends enjoying beers and other liqueurs around your place is fun. But what about all the spills and stains you will get on your carpet? In case you would like to get your deposit back, please make sure you keep up with your carpet cleaning maintenance. Contact us for a local carpet cleaning Irvine service for a quick response.

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